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G-RO is All-Terrain


Your G-RO was carefully constructed to make it easy for you to go anywhere. You’ll find these things included in your package:

  • Authentic G-RO carry-on
  • Removable power bank for charging on the go (Know your smart luggage rights)
  • Tile Slim Bluetooth luggage tracker (or a G-RO luggage locator if you chose to upgrade)
  • Expansion Sleeve (located in the main compartment)
  • Luggage Strap for Additional Bags (located in the mesh pocket within the office compartment)

Tip: Because of its unique wheels, the G-RO carry-on may tip over when it is empty. We recommend that you store it on its side or back when not in use.


Let’s take a look at how your G-RO’s smart features work.

USB Charging

1) Charge your power bank by using the included cable (or any USB charging cable) and connecting it to an AC adapter and wall socket.

2) When traveling, place your power bank inside your G-RO’s office compartment. There is a pocket labeled with a lightning bolt tag. Plug the two USB connectors already inside the office compartment into the power bank. You may place the power bank anywhere in the office compartment as long as you are able to connect the USB plugs. You can extend these cables by undoing the red straps that hold them.

3) You can now use the dual USB ports found on the top of your G-RO to charge your mobile devices.

4) If you need to remove the power bank, simply disconnect it at any time. For example, you can take it with you on a daily basis – even when you’re not traveling – to help charge your phone.

Tip: If an airline asks you to check your luggage, be sure to remove the power bank and take it with you on board. Power banks are permitted on board in the cabin, but not in the cargo hold.

Luggage Tracking

Tile Slim

1) Follow the instructions found inside the Tile Slim box that came with your G-RO to set up your Bluetooth tracker.

2) You can place the Tile Slim anywhere inside your G-RO. Many people tuck it away inside one of the pockets in the office compartment.

G-RO Luggage Locator - Click here for further instructions.


You can pack a ton of stuff in your G-RO, so longer trips are no problem. And when you pack it right, your bag will give you a bonus benefit of feeling much lighter when you roll it around.

  • Loading Zones. Once you open the main compartment of your bag, you’ll notice that the inner lining has three shades of gray going from dark to light. We recommend that you pack your heaviest items in the darkest area, not as heavy items in the middle area, and lightest items in the lightest area.
  • Office Compartment. Safely store your mobile devices – like laptops and tablets – in this pocket for easy access.
  • Front Pockets. Useful for things you may need to remove quickly, like a bag of liquids or travel info.
  • Back Pockets. Designed for easy access and security. Think passports, keys, money, etc.


Tip: Keep your combination somewhere that’s accessible while traveling, just in case you forget it.


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